Andrew Scott

Steel City

I remember when I used to scowl at people like me
Faces full of grimes and dirt. Stench was all they could be 
Their world all about the taking
Hands out for the begging
Remember thoughts of, "How dare they?"
Wanting what I work for each day
I didn't want the story
Just wanted them out of my Steel City

It was on hour twelve of the third shift
When I felt the blade of that forklift 
So swift, I didn't feel the blade
At that moment, a life of one leg was made
So much pain, my voice lost its scream 
Clean cut, no seam
One tired driver, my life and body now apart
An unknown door to an unknown start

How it all went this way I don't know
The pain sent me to places I didn't want to go 
The feeling of a leg that was no longer there
Liquid drips were the only way I could bare
Months of needed relief, turned into years
The only way to harness the tears
I had to find my own stuff
What they gave was never enough

I just needed the pain to go away
Something to make the pain and anger go away
How could he do this to me?
How could he be so blind he couldn't see?
Who I was, taken, lift with torment
From another who chalked it all up as an accident? 
He still has a home
Two legs to walk around on and roam

I am left with me 
A blanket and all the mistrust I can see
Out here can be so lonely 
Just with me and me only 
I have what I have and some others will take 
And I can't run when they have eyes on my stake 
I tremble at the first peep 
I wish I could just sleep

I had it all when I was twenty five 
Now I have a face that makes me sixty five
Frowned at by passersby with shame
Kicking at me, their person with a face with no name
I just want a proper piece of this society
Not to be forgotten in this Steel City
I want to know where I can get a meal 
In this closed City of Steel

—Andrew Scott

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