Brigitte Goetze


Every minute of every day must be a struggle against lazy dependence.

											Philippe Labro


First Round:
I failed to keep a genie 
in a bottle capped with a cork
made from food. 

Second Round:
I wandered the woods,
circling the center,
but exhaustion overtook me. 

Third Round:
I listened to same record 
all night long; I didn't notice 
the moment when sleep came.

Fourth Round:
I filled page after page after page,
emptied ink which had blackened 
my once red heart. 


Our suffering is not our enemy.

					Claude Anshin Thomas

The cold weather bothers 
her arthritic bones. Even with aspirin, 
she is slow to get up. 
But you couldn't tell, 
watching her running like a puppy 
when it's time to herd the sheep. 

With crippled, 90-year-old fingers 
Arthur Rubenstein would still 
sweet-talk the piano, 
to the amazement of his visitor. 
"Oh, I just had a conversation with Chopin, 
that's all," he smiled. 

Coup de Grâce

What "answers" there are will finally come not from the region of our minds,
but from the precincts of our hearts.

											Robert McAfee Brown

I sit quietly: 

a bound Isaac—

a conflicted Abraham—

a sacrificial ram—

a rough-hewn altar—


—Brigitte Goetze

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