Daniel Wilcox

A Song of Songs Into Olding

Intense clangor—the joyous movement
                                                             of  rod and belle
                           of the brash and the subtle
                                                                        caroled with rubied passion,
                       they ring with joy their supple skin.
Fertile in consummation, in oneness
                       these two-to-one 
                                                         jewel their future
                                                                                      days with melodic movement.
Appealing with rings that couple gold,
                                                               One circle—unending, endless, eternal,
 They spangle their handed time with madrigals.
                     The chiming lyric of the sapphire
                                                                            adorns their sensuous moments.  
                                                                Embellishments of gemmed time
                                 lay close
                                               jeweled bare on their skin,
                                                       on circular strands
                                                          the years
Turning irritants, trials, and struggles 
                                                      Into pure spheres of visioned music,
Shimmering pearls of perseverance
          (Unlike the coldness
                                  of the bland flatness,
           the flaked shale
                                     of many a marriage's mediocrity).
He and she chime in their aging,
        wrinkled skin, touched creases,
                                 caressed emeralds of cherishing,
                                                                   lasting into the soft opalness
        of Olding, their souls flow          
                                                     warm with mellifluous serenity.
                                    the seasoned-round romancing,
                                                                                     the ringing, rubied
                                                                                                                      Song of songs.  

—Daniel Wilcox

Previously published in Word Catalyst Magazine, December 2008.

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