Derek Richards

on the bus with macy

that ain't me
standing there holding some cardboard sign
it's the end of the world
nah, i ain't got those kinda shoes
i dig 'em high
click-clack up and down your back

my mama was jealous
all the corner boys fixin' on these green eyes
that's how i met jimmy
he was drinking some spanish beer
smokin' and starin' and weak-knee wicked
mama freaked 'cause he was older
eight years, you know?

anyway, never thought i'd be on this bus
all nervous with no make-up
they say Worthingdale ain't no joke
two women beat to death just last year
for snitchin' or some shit
no, i won't be standing there
with no cardboard sign
but i'm feeling it, know what i mean?
it's the end of the world
but i don't know if i would take it back
jimmy sure as hell had it coming

—Derek Richards

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