Isabel Kestner

When I Stepped Into My Life

What I want to say
cannot be contained
in words.

(The roots remain buried
regardless of sweet fruit
full on the tree.)  Language
cannot define the history
of how I arrived at
this moment 

What can I say to them?
To those who did not know me
when I did not know myself.
I cannot tell them where I
have been.  In all those years,
I never knew where I was.
Until now.
Now that I am fully aware 
that I am standing before them.

I want to give them 
an explanation; a justification
of my existence.  I want to give
a valid reason for why
it has taken my entire 
life to reach this 
moment in time.

I want to confess.
I want a casual defense.
I want an alibi.
I have none.

All I can do is just stand here
knowing that I am here.
Knowing that I am the explanation;
that my life is the justification.

Knowing that all I must say is,

—Isabel Kestner

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