John Grey | Old Man Feeding Pigeons in Kennedy Plaza

Old Man Feeding Pigeons in Kennedy Plaza

Old man feeds pigeons	  
in the park,
wishes they were woodland warblers.
Used to spot tanagers and wood-thrush,
he says.
Needed an eye like a hawk.
But no need to even train the binoculars here,
The pigeons find him.

The city's a bustling forest sure
but its foliage is steel
and the young hunt deals.
Old man hasn't made one of those in years.

A handful of bread crumbs
wouldn't have warranted
a peep from a bunting
But pigeons gather around his wrinkled fingers
like they're the mother bird.
Even a few mallards wander up.
Once they would have been wood ducks and pin-tails.
And stayed the hell away.

—John Grey

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