My Red Ribbon Says...

My red ribbon says, that I'm aware
Of this grim reality that stares
Us in the face, AIDS
That constantly makes you require aids
The grim reality we face
That of stakes, which require a change in our ways.

Ask me again, what my red ribbon says
My red ribbon says "Don't you share blades!!!" 
Else you'll require aids
My red ribbon says, be sure it's the same face
That grace, your bed space
When living through your horny days
Else you change clothes, open your wardrobe
And switch fabrics to rubber
And if you don't
My red ribbon says "You will suffer".

Also my red ribbon says, don't share a clipper
And don't discriminate
Of those taking aids, to whom permissible also is a French kiss
Cuddle, hug and make love
All the better
If you have learnt 
To read, write and understand 
In French letters.

These, my red ribbon say...


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