Nwadiala's Brief


Where art thou, the so-called freeborn
Self righteous aborigine, of a past system
Evil an alter ego, which casts caste 
Shan't ye die?
because by my time already you are running late,
Staling your space on the obituary
Can't live a past life in this 21st century
Enriched by culture and commerce
Yet intellectually and morally
You wallow in abject penury.
Mr. Man, won't you rather die quietly
Than live of such traditions that smirk of injustice
In justice you'll find karma like in Newton's third law 
Swung on risen feelings of a larger public, as jurists
Sentencing you into dark alleys, in the abyss
Of adjectival villainous memories. 
Are you scared or Awed?

Won't you die to live dead?
Than die dead dead?
Dead dead die or dead die live
This is your brief.


Even deformities do not make me a lesser man
Than has opportunities made out of you a better man
So who ordained you a reverend?
Who made you a mouthpiece of the deity?
That your proclamatory vanity
Now seek to weave wools of subjugatory insanity 
Into that fabric, as worn by this society.
In essence, grey hairs should trend back to rags?
Like saying White should reclaim black?
After all, since—dyes have not died.
So is that not a true hue cue?
Life is full of choices and line after line they queue
I pick my peak you pick yours
I seek my peace, you reek wars
So just make your war ground abound only your mind
Because your psychosis or neurosis doesn't mean you met divine.

So still, won't you rather die to live dead?
Than die dead dead?
Dead dead die or dead die live
This is your brief.


Grey hairs have never said "wise"
Already many atimes bullied, 
Now I didn't realize how I shied twice
Shuddered to shrills of tales, not nice
What a waste it has become, 
The first 'OSU' blood that was sacrificed
For a society god's appeasement
Also of lost potency, Albinos abound bragged off their rights.
Banishing charms, Dane guns and knives 
I see some demonstrating, screaming "Ole*! Ole!"
After I asked, they replied
"It is an abomination, an OSU* can't be made our chief"
Same way I was given another story pie,
Just returned from the US*, home to get married 
Highly educated a doctor, for him, a 5 months pregnancy she carried
Her family findings revealed he's of the OSU Lineage
So at her family home doors, on the introduction day
his people met a "we don't marry OSUs" signage
Till date, she lives a single mum
Silenced to such ills from plurality to dumb
Abound Mum genders weaning such situations 
Silently disgruntled, untagged, yet made second class citizens
We thought the tradition met abolishment, 
Yet many still are suffering victims. 

So Nwadiala*, won't you rather die to live dead?
Than die dead dead?
Dead dead die or dead die live
Mr. Man, this is your brief.

*Ole (Yoruba): Thief.
*OSU (Ibo): Descendants of slaves and others considered low class or lesser human beings in a caste system.
*US: United States of America.
*Nwadiala (Ibo): Freeborn.


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