Submissions | Artwork



  • Artwork must conform to the rules specified in Rights and Restrictions.
  • You can submit standalone artwork, artwork accompanying a writing submission, or a custom border for a writing submission.
  • We may need to resize artwork accompanying a writing submission. Standalone artwork files must be no larger than 2 MB. We do not resize standalone artwork submissions as long as they conform to the maximum file size.
  • Custom borders must be exactly 36 pixels in width. We recommend that they be no more than 144 pixels in height to work well as a repeating border. Please see our currently published works for border examples.


  • Attachments must be in JPEG (.jpg), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), or Portable Network Graphics (.png) format.
  • Custom borders must be in Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) format.
  • Maximum file size for each piece of submitted artwork is 2 MB.